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SMEG 04.jpg
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 0.84
Downloads Plain Files
Nero Image
DiscJuggler image
Release Date 10/14/01
Author Heliophobe
Based on Nothing
Systems Emulated Master System
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
No, we recommend
Active No
Refresh Rate 50Hz \ 60Hz

Smeg is an emulator the Sega Master System (SMS) and Game Gear (GG) game consoles, which runs on the Sega Dreamcast console. It features full speed, excellent sound but it lacks any sort of save support. Two players are supported.

Known Bugs

  • No Save Support
  • Some Games are Incompatible
  • Rom Loader Flaky when no disc is inserted, or no roms are found on disc
  • 50hz gameplay makes speech playback choppy
  • Out Run 3D won't detect paddle controller (even though supported)


Dreamcast \ SMS or GG

  • D-Pad \ D-Pad
  • A and B \ 1 and 2 (reversible)
  • Start \ Pause (SMS), Start (GG)
  • X + Start to do soft reset
  • Y Returns to SMEG menu
  • Analog stick \ Controls Paddle (SMS)