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ReGex was Dreamcast programmer. He released FrNES, a good NES emulator, and was working on CatanDC, a Dreamcast implementation of the popular German board game "The Settlers of Catan" ("Die Siedler von Catan") but never released it due to data loss after he moved to a new city.

In 2004 he sent out an email:

Hey Sander,

I thought I would let it die for a number of reasons. About a year ago when I moved I suffered a *big* data loss, 1 whole HD containing my entire development environment, and the current version of the CatanDC source (the last archive I had was from months before, lots of the engine was lost and I was so frustrated that I didn't even want to look at the website or anything anymore.. and just leave it as it was). That's the end of the story,really. I just was so frustrated that I didn't have the will to redo all the parts I'd lost (which were the really advanced features like Multi-VMU and the actual game engine.).

Thanks for your interest, and at some point I may consider releasing whatever source I had built.. I just don't feel like digging it up and reliving the upsetness I feel towards the project at the moment.

-Matt Alex (ReGex)