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Another World
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.0
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date 12/30/2005
Author GPF
Based on RAW
Best Available Port
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Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Another World (Out of this World in the United States) is a classic action oriented platforming game created by Eric Chahi and released by Delphine Software.

Gregory Montoir created an interpeter for Another World entitled RAW. RAW was shortly after shut down at the request of Eric Chahi, but permission was given for the GP32 and Dreamcast ports to continue, and the game data was permitted to be included in these ports by Eric Chahi himself.

The original versions of RAW for the Dreamcast were ported by MetaFox (Mickey McMurray). When permission to release the game data with the interpreter was obtained, the project was handed over to GPF (Troy Davis).