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What do the terms used on the pages of this site mean?

  • Format = The burning program you have or wish to use to burn the emulator/software.
  • Selfboot = This means you do not need a Boot Disc to use the files.
  • Type = This is either ZIP or RAR. You will need WinZIP or WinRAR to use anything on this site.
  • Details = Additional details you may need to know about the CD Images.
  • ZIP = This means its a WinZIP file. You need WinZIP to extract the files out of the .ZIP file. To get WinZIP check out the Needed Tools page.
  • RAR = This means its a WinRAR file. You need WinRAR to extract the files out of the .RAR file. To get WinRAR check out the Needed Tools page.
  • DiscJuggler = This means you need the burning program called "Disc Juggler" for these files. This tool can be found on can be found on the Needed Tools page.
  • Nero = This is also a burning program which is needed to burn some of the the things found on this site. It can also be found on the Needed Tools page.
  • Easy CD Creator = This is another burning program. It is neither supplied on this site nor supported; most CD burners come with it, making it a much more wanted format on this site.
  • Plain Files = These are the plain files needed to make your own Selfboot discs or plain Non-Selfbooting discs.
  • Covers = Covers are images you can print out and put in a CD Case. You can also use a labeler and place labels on the discs you create.
  • Size = How large the file is.

For more detailed information or for questions not covered here, refer to our Full FAQ.