PokeMini Dream

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PokeMini Dream
Game Screen
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 2.0
Downloads Plain Files:
NTSC 2.0
PAL 2.0
Release Date 9/11/04
Author JustBurn
Based on PokeMini by
Systems Emulated Pokémon mini
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate 50Hz/60Hz

PokeMini Dream is a Dreamcast port by JustBurn of his Pokemon mini emulator for Windows. It has no sound/rumble support.

Only a handful of public domain roms I tried worked, but the PD roms/demos that I tested can be found below. A variety of demos, PD roms (including what I tested), and the Win32 version emulator can be found download at the host site Team Pokémé. Check under the "Files" section.


File List:

  • Button A = Select File
  • Button B = Go Parent Directory
  • DPAD Left = Move Prev. Page
  • DPAD Right = Move Next Page
  • DPAD Up = Cursor Up
  • DPAD Down = Cursor Down


  • Button A = Button A of Pokemon Mini
  • Button B = Button B of Pokemon Mini
  • Button Y = Button C of Pokemon Mini
  • Button X = Not Used yet (For Shock Detector)
  • DPAD Left = DPAD Left of Pokemon Mini
  • DPAD Right = DPAD Right of Pokemon Mini
  • DPAD Up = DPAD Up of Pokemon Mini
  • DPAD Down = DPAD Down of Pokemon Mini
  • Joystick X/Y = Same as DPAD
  • Start = Power Button of Pokemon Mini
  • L+R Triggers (Less that 2 secs pressed) = Reset ROM
  • L+R Triggers (More that 2 secs pressed) = Go to Filelist