One Day Miracle

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One Day Miracle
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1st
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date June, 2005
Author Fit
Type of game Demo
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


The fourth demo by the Finnish demogroup 'Fit' was ported to the Dreamcast in June 2005, but also the one which got the less attention. Originally made for Linux, it was later ported to Amiga PPC, MacOS X, MS-Dos, SGI Irix, and Windows.

Released in 2002, for the Assembly demoparty in Helsinki, Finland. It unfortunately only became 14th in the 64k intro compo, and that's the most interesting part. This whole demo is indeed only 64k big but uses the SDL libraries, which makes the whole packet slightly bigger.

Marq, the coder and designer of One Day Miracle, mentioned that it wasn't advertised on a larger scale because he wasn't very satisfied with the port.

Demo Screen 1 Demo Screen 2


  • code, design............... Marq
  • add. code, win port ..... Pete
  • music ....................... Roz
  • thanks ...................... Sam Lantinga, AmurWolf/SoCS