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Here you can find the latest news from the Dreamcast scene.

StealthQuake v1.1 released

20th March, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

Tyne has released a v1.1 patch for his QuakeMod "StealthQuake".

Stealth Quake v1.1 Patch Released
Extract and overwrite all the files in the /Stealth/ (or /StealthWQ) directory.

Darkplaces ver,

WinQuake ver,

Source: DCEmulation forums

* Version is now displayed at start up
* Chthon is harder
* Balance tweaks
* Pistols do not remove in E2M6 and E4M7, fixes incompletion bug
* Minor bug fixes
* Updated Readme file
* Intermission fixes
* Fixed collision for Winquake and find() for AI point markers
* Fix LightAffect flag not disabling at times allowing monsters to see you
  even though you're hidden
* Fix cycleweapon commands, mainly concerns console Quake players

Stealth Quake released

19th March, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

Tyne has updated his Quake mod that works on Xbox and Dreamcast.

Grab it here:
High-end Darkplaces version:

Low-end Winquake version:

I've tested the Winquake version on Xbox which uses nearly the same engine as 
nxQuake, so it should work on Dreamcast; it'd be nice if someone can test it 
for me to be sure though.

Source: DCEmulation forums