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NesterDC SE
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.1 (Unofficial)
Downloads Plain Files
DiscJuggler (w\ Homebrew)
Release Date December 9, 2008
Author Scherzo; 1.1 by
Based on Nester
Systems Emulated NES, Famicom
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate 50Hz/60Hz

NesterDC SE is an highly polish and updated version of NesterDC 7.1, an already splendid NES emulator, under development by Scherzo.

In late 2008 (December) Christuserloeser released an "Unofficial" update to NesterDC SE that makes changes to the main menu and implementation of SE's hidden directory listing ROM browser posted by Scherzo in August of '08. These changes were done via JavaScript so if the source code is what you are looking for grab 1.0's source below.

Official DCEmulation Forum Threads:
NesterDC SE 1.0
NesterDC SE 1.1 (Unofficial Build)


  • Greatly Improved Compatibility (VS ROMs correctly supported)
  • An NSF player
  • Controller buttons can be remapped
  • Stereo separation of each NES sound channel
  • Full screen stretched and pixel-for-pixel video modes
  • Game-Genie implementation
  • Multiple save state slots (with the first slot being backwards compatible)
  • Supports Zipped ROMs
  • CD Builder grabs Manual & Cartridge, Game-Genie and more from master list
  • Various game related images by which you can use to browse the ROM library
  • Favorite Game list
  • Ability to enter your own personal notes about a game and save these notes on your VMU

Older Versions