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Developer: Takayama Fumihiko (formerly Ken Friece)
Updated: December 02, 2002
homepage=[http://dcolem.emuunlim.com/ Homepage]|
version=7.1| downloads=[http://www.dcemulation.com/files/emulators/dcs2600/dcs2600dj.zip DiscJuggler]<br/>[http://www.dcemulation.com/files/emulators/dcs2600/dcs2600nero.zip Nero]<br/>[http://www.dcemulation.com/files/emulators/dcs2600/dcs2600plain.zip Plain Files]<br/>|
release date=12/02/02|
author=Takayama Fumihiko<br>(formerly Ken Friece)|
original=[http://web.archive.org/web/20040129112711/http://nester.dranalli.com/ nester] by<br/>Darren Ranalli|
The best Nintendo emulator for the Dreamcast.
The best Nintendo emulator for the Dreamcast.
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-customable GUI .. and more.
-customable GUI .. and more.
Screen Shots:
Speed: 98%
Speed: 98%
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[http://www.dcemulation.com/files/sbi2.1/Nester6.0.sbi Selfboot Inducer] GameGenie codes included.
[http://www.dcemulation.com/files/sbi2.1/Nester6.0.sbi Selfboot Inducer] GameGenie codes included.
==Older Versions==
Developer:  Ken Friece
Developer:  Ken Friece

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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 7.1
Downloads DiscJuggler
Plain Files
Release Date 12/02/02
Author Takayama Fumihiko
(formerly Ken Friece)
Based on nester by
Darren Ranalli
Systems Emulated NES
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

The best Nintendo emulator for the Dreamcast.



-NNNJester cheatcode support

-Bilinear filtering

-Normal save to VMU

-Savestate to VMU

-Savestate to DC memory


-4 player

-lightgun support (only in NesterDC+)

-adjust screen position\size

-directory support in rom menu

-fds support

-customable GUI .. and more.

Speed: 98%

Sound: 90%

NesterDC 7.1 README file

NOTE: DEAD, POINTS TO DCHOMEBREW NesterDC Game Genie codes (926kb) Thanks to Krypt and Captain Skyhawk for the codes!

The Best Damned NesterDC Tutorial Ever Written. -by burnerO

A single 2.3mb file that contains the following:

-NesterDC 6.0 NTSC/PAL

-A custom written renamer specifically for this that does the following based on the suggestions of Captain Skyhawk

Removes the .nes extension.

Replaces underscores with spaces.

Removes the good codes found inside the () and []

Trims the file names to 29 characters.

-Burner's Selfboot application, with the proper Makeiso parameters.

-GoodNES/GoodWindows preconfigured.

-Captain Skyhawk's Game Genie Codes and Bitmaps.

JimNESBoot Nero version, JimNESBoot Discjuggler version - This tool creates a self-booting .nrg or .cdi image. Long file names are supported as well as lower case letters, hyphens, parenthesis, and other non-common characters. This tool is painfully easy as well. Created by UberJim of our forums.

Plain Files

Plain Files Lightgun



Selfboot Inducer GameGenie codes included.

Older Versions

Developer: Ken Friece

Version: V2

Last Updated: 03-14-01

This awesome Nintendo emulator which contains sound 100% speed and 2 player support. Is another great release in the dcemu scene. This is a port of Nester for pc. There are README files inside the zips for instructions on making cd's.

Status: 100% Speed all sound works missing a few sound channels.

Disk Juggler


Plain Files

Old Versions Below

Disk Juggler Version 1

]http://www.dcemulation.org/dl/dl.pl?files/emulators/nesterdc_v1_nero.zip Nero] Version 1

Plain Files Version 1