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Samurai Shodown
Homepage Homepage
(Defunct Domain)
Latest Version v2.3
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date 10/04/05
Author Quzar
Based on NeoCD/SDL
Systems Emulated Neo-Geo CD
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


NeoCD is the name of the original Neo Geo CD emulator by Fabrice Martinez. NeoCD/SDL was a port of Neo Geo CD to the SDL library. The Dreamcast port, originally known as NeoCD/SDL DC, was a joint effort by Quzar, Fosters, BlueCrab, GPF, Ian Micheal, and BlackAura. After version 9.1, the emulator was rewritten to use KallistiOS directly instead of SDL, and was renamed NeoDC.

The overall aim of NeoDC was to be independent from SDL, be fullspeed, have full sound effects, and have full CDDA CD track streaming support. NeoDC was voted as the best emulator of 2004 by DCEmu, and is definately not something to be missed by any Dreamcast owner.