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Dreamcast Port Credits:
Dreamcast Port Credits:
Ian Michael, Fosters, Troy "GPF" Davis, BlackAura, BlueCrab
[[Ian Micheal]], [[Fosters]], Troy "[[GPF]]" Davis, [[BlackAura]], [[BlueCrab]]

Latest revision as of 08:40, 28 March 2010

Developer: Ian Micheal

Updated: 18-05-04

A very cool port of the Neo Geo CD emulator NEOCD/SDL

NeoGeoCD/SDL V7 Game Testing Topic

Dreamcast Port Credits:

Ian Micheal, Fosters, Troy "GPF" Davis, BlackAura, BlueCrab


Fabrice Martinez - The original NeoCD emulator

Fosters - SDL port

Caz - For the BeOS NeoCD/SDL build

Karl Stenerud - The Musashi M680x0 emulator

Neil Bradley (neil@synthcom.com) - Multi-Z80 CPU emulator

Tatsuyuki Satoh - YM2610 Mame core

Derek Liauw Kie Fa. - 2xSaI engine

Sam Lantinga (et al) - Simple DirectMedia Layer

Quzar- Region selector, frameskip, frame limiting, auto loading, many bugfixes and optimizations.

Mekanizer - proper vmu display

Plain Files