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All programs in this section are for Mac OS X unless otherwise specified.

Mac Dream Tool

Mac Dream Tool is a program that allows users to create Dreamcast CDs on their computers running Mac OS X. You can put multiple emulators, games, demos, applications, and so forth all on one disk using SBI files; you can also create single-program discs using SBI files or plain binaries. Created by I.M.Weasel.

Intel Architecture (i386)

Mac Dream Tool 4.09 (i386)

Power-PC Architecture

Mac Dream Tool 4.03

Mac Dream Tool 3.0

Mac Dream Tool 2.2

Mac Dream Tool 2.1

Mac Dream Tool 1.2

Mac Dream Tool Services

Mac Dream Tool Services is a program with tools that allow you to perform certain tasks, such as converting PNG images to the MR format for custom bootsector logo insertion, creating a ROMS.LST ROMs list file for use with DreamSNES, creating Selfboot Inducer packages, inserting a bootsector (IP.BIN) into a CDI image, and a ROM renamer for SMS ROMs for use with SMSPlus screenshots.

MDTS will only run on Power-PC based Macs.

Mac Dream Tool Services 1.2.2

Mac Dream Tool Services 1.0

Mac Pack

The Mac Pack is a collection of tools used for creating Dreamcast disks manually. This is not for new users, as these tools require an understanding of the layout of a Dreamcast disk.

Mac Pack 4

Other Tools

Weepel's New Selfbooter - An easy-to-use OS X utility used for creating self-booting image files from Plain File Archives. An alternative for MDT. Created by Weepel.

CDIRip 0.6.3 - use this to disassemble CDI images for burning on the Macintosh. 64-bit Intel only.

CDIRip 0.6.2 - use this to disassemble CDI images for burning on the Macintosh. PPC only.

CDIRip 0.6.1 - an older version of the above tool.

CDIRip 0.6c - an even older version of the above tool.

ISOFix - fixes ISO images with starting LBA other than 0, making it possible to extract the contents with another program.

CDI Converter - use this tool to convert v2 DiscJuggler CDI disk images into v3 images.

Dummy Creator 2 - use this tool to create highly-compressible dummy images to pad out vital data to the outside of a CD.

(de)Scrambler - use this to scramble and descramble Dreamcast binaries.

mkisofs 1.13 - use this to create ISO files for a data track on a Dreamcast disk.

Make IP.BIN - for classic MacOS, this program allows you to create custom bootsectors for Dreamcast disks.

Development Tools

DC Serial Cable on Mac - Pre-OSX(OS9) tools and turotial on how to connect a DC serial cable to an appropriate Macintosh.