List of White Label games

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This is a list of information from white label games. These games were sent to reviewers prior to the completion of packaging or art. Many are otherwise identical to the retail versions of the game, but some are labelled as Beta or have warnings that they have not been fully tested.

Similarly to demo, sampler, or application discs the model numbers are of the form AAA-BBBB-CC. The first three digits for these are 950 and 952 (most all have both, reason unknown). The next four are unique identifiers for the game, and the last two are used to indicate release region (since these are all PAL, it can be UK, France, Germany, etc.) or language.

So far only my personal collection is listed, as it is all I can verify.

Title Publisher Fully tested? Model # 950 Model # 952 Notes
Conflict Zone Big Ben Interactive No 950-0189-50 952-0179-50
V-Rally 2 Expert Edition Infogrames Yes 950-0071-50 952-0066-50
WWF Royal Rumble THQ Yes 950-0092-50 952-0086-50 The WWF not the letters but the logo.
Heavy Metal - Geomatrix Big Ben Interactive No 950-0188-50 952-0178-50
Maken X Atlus Yes 950-0070-50 952-0065-50
Ferrari F355 Challenge Passione Rossa Acclaim Yes 950-0100-50 952-0094-50
Crazy Taxi Sega Yes 950-0034-50 952-0031-50 952 code on the left, 950 on right
Quake III Arena™ Sega Yes 950-0115-50 952-0106-50
Jet Set Radio Sega Yes 950-0107-50 952-0101-50
REZ Sega Yes 950-0174-50 952-0169-50
MDK 2 Interplay Yes 950-0052-50 952-0049-50
Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Crave Yes 950-0066-50 952-0061-50
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Eidos Interactive Yes 950-0097-05 952-0091-05
Le Mans 24 Hours Infogrames Yes 950-0109-50 952-0103-50
18 Wheeler Sega Yes 950-0164-50 952-0158-50
Virtua Tennis Sega No 950-0074-50 952-0069-50
4 Wheel Thunder Midway Home entertainment Yes 950-0068-50 952-0063-50
Sega GT Sega No 950-0103-50 952-0097-50 952 code on the left, 950 on right
Wacky Races Infogrames Yes 950-0069-50 952-0064-50
UEFA Dream Soccer Sega Yes 950-0114-18 952-0105-18 German version
UEFA Dream Soccer Sega Yes 950-0114-05 952-0105-05 English/UK version
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (Beta) Midway Games No 950-0105-50 952-0099-50 952 code on the left, 950 on right
Charge N Blast Beta Xicat No 950-0137-50 952-0130-50
Formula 1 World Grand Prix for Dreamcast Video System Yes 950-0017-50 No 952 code, 950 centered