List of Unreleased Dreamcast Games

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The goal of this page is to accurately list games that were intended to be released for the Dreamcast, but never were. There are already many collections of such lists, but they tend to lack citation of source.

There will be a number of categories including: Unreleased games leaked to the internet, Unreleased games with citation (mostly magazines, advertisements, and proof of an in-development version), Unreleased games with no or uncredible proof, and Games whose names changed prior to release (which are often mistaken for unreleased games).

Name Changes

Xleration: This was renamed to "4 Wheel Thunder" after Midway decided to publish the game. Issue 4 of the french Dreamcast magazine "Dreamzone" featured information on Xleration. Also on Page 14, Issue 1 of Official Dreamcast Magazine.

Redline Racer: Was renamed to "Suzuki Alstare Racing". Page 15, Issue 1 of Official Dreamcast Magazine.

Drive-By: Renamed to Furballs: Renamed to Fur Fighters:

Unreleased and leaked

Propeller Arena Half-Life ...

Unreleased with citation

Outcast: Being ported from PC by Infogrames. Was to be released spring of 2000. Was announced officially cancelled on September 23rd 1999. The cited cause was due to the inability to port the voxel based engine to the Dreamcast. Pages 14 and , Issue 1 of Official Dreamcast Magazine.

The New Batman Adventures: Was to be released by Ubisoft. Page 16, Issue 1 of Official Dreamcast Magazine.

Midtown Madness, Age of Empires II, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator: Were all to be ported by Konami to the Dreamcast for consumption in Japan. Page 18, Issue 1 of Official Dreamcast Magazine.

V.I.P.: Game based on the Pamela Anderson TV show. UbiSoft Press release found here: