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About DC Linux

Developer: LinuxDC (old version--new version here)
Version: Unknown
Last Updated: 06/20/01
Description: Get the power of Linux on your Dreamcast without having to worry about illegal issues of running software for it as well. This version comes with Mame and Doom ports. Very slow.
Status: Gui now and text based, xwindows also.

Linux DC is a port of the powerful Linux operating system to the Dreamcast. The newest versions have a GUI and can also be used by an average user. The Linux distribution for the Dreamcast includes XMAME and a port of prBoom (Doom) and can also be used to develop new applications for Dreamcast Linux. LinuxDC includes drivers for the broadband/LAN adpter. A keyboard and a mouse are needed.


Format Self-Boot Type Size File Details (Need Help? Click Here)
Disk Juggler YES ZIP 96mb Thanks to Adrian O'Grady at
Plain Files No RAR 75mb
Old Version
Nero Yes RAR 9.9mb
Disk Juggler Yes ZIP 9.7mb


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Burning Info

( Check Readme File First!! )

DCLinux Burning Guide DJ