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*[http://jandaman.com/ Jandaman's Import Video Games]
*[http://jandaman.com/ Jandaman's Import Video Games]
*[http://www.goatstore.com GOAT Store]
*[http://www.goatstore.com GOAT Store]
*[http://www.gamefreax.de Gamefreax.de]
=Dead Links=
=Dead Links=

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Dreamcast Homebrew-Related Sites

Dreamcast Project Pages

Commercial Games Sites

Emulator/Homebrew Author Sites

These are the homepages of developers or Dreamcast projects.


Covers Sites

Other Dreamcast-Related Sites


Dead Links

LEGACY LINKS PAGE: http://dcemulation.com/legacy/links.htm (this wiki page needs to be organized better)

Marcus Comstedt's DC Dev Hitmen Dan Potter's page Jules DCDev Tom Waters DCDev Maiwes Site Fulgs DC slave tools Losers DC Dev Bairdy's DC Dev

(will be removed later, posted here for now so we can attempt to salvage files/info from these links through mirrors such as archive.org) Syngori's DC Covers