Lady Killer

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Lady Killer
Gameplay screen
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Release Date 01/24/2010
Author Chui
Type of game Adult Arcade Remake
Refresh Rate Unknown



Ladykiller is a remake made from scratch by the people from the GP2x homebrew scene, and it is very faithful to the arcade game of the same name.

Attention! This game is for adults (+18). Play it at your own discretion.

The goal is simple: Uncover the boxes, avoid the enemies, while making sure you don't drown.


Chui is responsible for the Dreamcast port of the game. Insert credits with the R button, play with the A, and B to exit.

The download includes the binary files all ready to create a disc image with Bootdreams.


Lady Killer's protagonist is Gonta, a funny little diver the player controls. After choosing one of the first 6 girls (8 in total), you'll have to guide Gonta with the joystick over an invisible tile-grid set over water. His only skill is diving (he can't shoot or jump), and everytime he does so a tile turns, progressively revealing more of the girls' figure.