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Katana is the original development kit created by sega for the Sega Dreamcast. It essentially is a large PC case with a dreamcast main board connected to a GD-Rom drive and standard PC mainframe. These are very rare pieces of hardware, being that they were only available to licensed game development companies. Although novel and a collectors item, their use is somewhat limited.

  • There is licensing issues with using the Katana Development system for creating programs/games/etc.. Because of legal issues, it is avoided by most of the homebrew development community.
  • Kallistos is a long-running, robust development kit/environment that can provides much of the same functionality as the Katana kit.
  • Due to lack of access to the KDK, not many people in the community (very few) are well-versed in using it. This translates to less support and possibly less documentation regarding it.

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