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Hello crt0! This interview was done by Platynum.

DCEmulation: What motivated you to start developing for the Dreamcast?

Crt0: Err...hmm...the first thing I wanted to do was to get Doom running on it as soon as I saw that there was open tools and libraries for the Dreamcast.

DCEmulation: It was you, who first (to my knowledge) got OpenGL demos to run on the Dreamcast. Do you foresee OpenGL being used in a "full" game and it running at a decent speed?

Crt0: Not really. The big problem is that I was using the default software rendering library. Its really slow, if someone wanted to write a PowerVR driver, it would be REALLY useful, anyone who knows OpenGL could code games much easier, but to use it in its current state a game would have to be of a quality not much higher than say Star Wars Arcade on 32x, and even that would be slow.

DCEmulation: Wow . I have that game....kinda sucky thinking about it now... moving onto DCGrendel and your port of Doom do you think either of you will ever put in a multplayer mode or make it playable on the 'net?

Crt0: I'll keep this simple. First, I'm not working on Doom anymore beyond the odd suggestion and code snippet (like for the fake surround sound that's in the latest version). As for multiplayer, it might happen in the future, probably over serial token link networking. As for over the net, unless someone releases really good specs for the modem, and unless either of us get BBAs, I wouldnt see it happening. You recently joined/formed a demo group ...what are some demos you all are working on?

Crt0: You all? :P uh. Turrican2k is working on an old school effects demo (color cycles and waves and etc. I haven't talked to him much recently, so I dont know what else). As soon as I get my TA problems squared away I plan on doing something really nice with that wave demo I showed a while back mainly, making it real time and adding other effects and I want to finish 500-tro someday :)

DCEmulation: 500-tro? Crt0: 500-tro, the great dedication to the 500 Error DCEmu was so well known for :)

DCEmulation: Do you see yourself forming a gaming company ?

Crt0: :\. Not really. Coding has become a secondary interest at the moment . :\

DCEmulation: Thanx for your time, crt0

Crt0: You are welcome