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(Defunct Domain)
Latest Version Preview
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date 02/28/2005
Author Quzar
Based on Hugo 2.11
Systems Emulated PC Engine/
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz


Per Readme:

'A really hacked up port of Hugo 2.11 preview to the DC by Quzar.

This can read two different kinds of files, *.pce and *.iso (where the iso is an image of the data track of a Super CD game.)

As far as I know, It supports all possible resolutions (not tested).

Roms should be put in the root of the CD with the emulator on it.

To play CD games you need to also have a matching System card rom that may be named any of the following things: "syscard.pce","syscard3.pce","syscard30.pce"

Every game that I have tested runs about the same speed if not faster than in DreamEngine, but has sound.'


  • Start → Sound On/off (this does not affect speed in any way)
  • A → I
  • B → II
  • X → Run
  • Y → Select