Heart of the Alien

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Heart of the Alien
Cut scene
Homepage None
Latest Version Unknown
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 02/??/2006
Author LTK
Based on Heart of the Alien Redux
Type of game Classic Adventure
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Via ReadMe

What is HOTA?
'Heart of The Alien is the sequel for the undoubtedly the best adventure of all times, Another World. Developed back in 1994 by Interplay exclusively for the Sega CD console. This is an open-source project which aims to bring this highly-addictive game to all modern consoles and computer platforms.

Please note, that you are required to own a copy of the game beforehand, as this release loads all game elements from the cd.'

This Release

It's a port to Dreamcast.


  • Pad: Up, Down, Left, Right,
  • A → button jump
  • B → button run
  • Y → button object
  • START + X → Skips video scenes / Exits from game
  • START + L → Fast savestate
  • START + R → Fast loadstate, only press it after a saved state


This release ONLY work with an iso (like the pc version) without music track. The iso file has to be rename to hota.iso and put in a folder called hota Here is the scheme:



  • NO mp3 audio support.
  • Some others.