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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 103000
Downloads Disc Juggler
Release Date 01/06/2000
Author Chuck Mason
Based on Many
Systems Emulated NES
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No.
Refresh Rate 50Hz / 60Hz

gleam! was the first emulator for the Dreamcast. It was created by Chuck Mason. It isn't based on anything, it was made from scratch and has 3 different CPU cores.


gleam! is a working NES emulator; working, in the sense that it is most compatable with games. However, it's been discontinued and the source code has been made public. NesterDC and NesterDC SE have now surpassed this.

  • Main update: speed improvments (minor ones, all over the place).
  • NEW asm cpu core.
  • Fully interactive setup
  • Option menu with frame skip
  • FULL SCREEN option.
  • Save and Load Support.

Emulation aspect:

  • More compatibility (mappers 4, 7, etc. are partially supported).
  • Minor graphics fixes.
  • 2 Player support!
  • Now supports sound

Screen Shots: Gleam01.jpg