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Developer: [http://www.doomdc.tk/ BlackAura]
Updated: May 24, 2003
version=0.1| downloads=[http://www.dcemulation.org/files/emulators/genplus_dc_01_bin.zip Plain Files]|
release date=5/24/03|
original=[http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/ GenesisPlus] by<br/>Charles MacDonald|
systems=Sega Genesis|
A port of Genesis Plus to the Dreamcast.
A port of Genesis Plus to the Dreamcast.
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Sound: None
Sound: None
[http://www.dcemulation.org/files/readme/genesisplusdc0.1.txt Genesis Plus / DC README file]
[http://www.dcemulation.org/files/emulators/genplus_dc_01_bin.zip Plain Files]
[http://www.dcemulation.org/files/sbi3.0/Genesis_Plus_01_bO.sbi Selfboot Inducer]

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No Screenshot Available
Homepage Unknown
Latest Version 0.1
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 5/24/03
Author BlackAura
Based on GenesisPlus by
Charles MacDonald
Systems Emulated Sega Genesis
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active Yes.
Refresh Rate Unknown

A port of Genesis Plus to the Dreamcast.


  • Themable GUI
  • Supports zipped roms as well as .bin & .smd roms
  • Adjustable frame skipping and CPU clocks
  • No sound
  • No rom disc support

Speed: 75%

Sound: None