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This interview was taken by Maturion for an unreleased German SEGA magazine in November 2007.

Maturion: Hi GPF. Thank you for your time.

Do you have any (active) Dreamcast projects or are you only developing for other systems at the moment?

GPF: I am currently just developing for the Nintendo DS, my monitor died that i used with my dev dreamcast and I haven't had a chance to replace yet

I did some dreamcast dev about a month ago, did a port of dosbox 0.71 to the dreamcast based off the psp source diff's using the Chankast emulator and friends to test on hardware.

Maturion: Ok, I see. Well, Why and when did you start with Dreamcast programming?

GPF: Well i got my first dreamcast back in Christmas of 99, was seeing a lot of discussions of running homebrew so that was the main reason I got one i think. I started dreamcast coding in febuary/march 2000, originally having to burn multisession cdr's and bring it to the living room to test each build

Maturion: What do you think about the future of the Dreamcast-Scene? Will the Dreamcast see some more homebrew projects or will the DC Scene die out soon after 2008? It's a very old machine...

GPF: I don't think it will die out, there are still active projects/developers for even older hardware/consoles. Maybe fewer releases...

Maturion: Will you ever start working on your Nintendo64-Emulator again and do you think any commercial games will be playable on it?

GPF: probably not, it was originally done as a tech demo to show it was possible to run n64 code on a dreamcast

Last year I was working on a new n64 emulator for the dc, working with pspmonkey as he was writing one for the psp I got the 2d part ported, but I don't have any 3d coding experience so I stopped working on it and I don't know sh4 asm, which would definetly be needed to do a dynarec/HLE type engine.

Maturion: Do you have any plans on a new dreamcast project?

GPF: Not currently, but I hope to get my dc dev setup working again and then see what the future holds

Maturion: Let's ask our last question: Do you think SEGA will ever make a new console?

GPF: I think they will surprise us with one someday

Maturion: Thank you for your time!

GPF: You are welcome.