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Latest Version 1.1.8
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date 11/19/2005
Author GPF
Based on REminiscence
Best Available Port
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Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


REminiscence is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Flashback (in the US subtitled 'The Quest for Identity') from Delphine Software. This program is designed as a cross-platform replacement for the original executable and uses the SDL library. Original version by Gregory Montoir, ''.

Game Screen


Dreamcast Controller:

  • D-Pad → move Conrad
  • Start Button → display the options
  • A Button → talk / use / run / shoot
  • X Button → Draw weapon from holster
  • Y Button → use the current inventory object
  • B Button → display the inventory

(Support for Dreamcast Keyboard as well)

Needed files

(Place in "Data" folder)

  • *.OFF
  • *.SPR
  • *.MAP
  • *.PAL
  • *.ANI
  • *.CT
  • *.MBK
  • *.OBJ
  • *.PGE
  • *.RP
  • *.TBN
  • *.CMD
  • *.POL
  • *CINE.*

If you have a version distributed by SSI, you'll have to rename some files :

  • LOGOSSSI.cmd → LOGOS.cmd
  • LOGOSSSI.pol → LOGOS.pol
  • →
  • MENU1SSI.pal → MENU1.pal

You will need the Amiga MOD files listed in the readme, renamed without the ".mod" extension, if you want sound during the cut scenes.

  • Example: mod.flashback-voyage.modmod.flashback-voyage
  • Windows users can use command line renaming. Navigate to the folder containing the '.mod' files, and enter the following command.
 rename *.mod *..

How to Burn

Place the game's datafiles in the directory 'Data', and the amiga mod files into the same 'Data' folder. Place the 'Data' folder, with the 1st_read.bin, into a root folder. Selfboot (scramble the binary) that folder with BootDreams.


  • REminiscence 0.1.8 - Plainfiles - 11/19/2005
  • REminiscence 0.1.8 - Source - 07/31/2005
  • REminiscence 0.1.2 - Source - 02/07/2005