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Homepage Unknown
Latest Version Beta 1
Downloads Plain Files(Selbooting)
Release Date Unknown
Author Arnon Cardoso
Based on fMSX
Systems Emulated MSX
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active Unknown
Refresh Rate Unknown

Developer: Arnon Cardoso

Version: Beta 1

Last Updated: February 19, 2002

Description: A port of the MSX emulator fMSX


  • Used Stored Queues to improve performance.
  • Changed Z80 engine to not use a big switch but the result was disappointing.
  • MSX Joystick support. If you have two DC joysticks the first will act as of DreamMSX and the second can be used as MSX Joy A or B (selectable using the GUI).
  • GameMaster II SRAM save to VMU, using NesterDC VMU code.
  • Better GUI (?) than DreamMSX. Besides the options offered by DreamMSX you can also:
    • - select MSX version up to 2+ (2+ emulation is partial though).
    • - Synchronize the video updates to a frequency (50 or 60).
  • FM sound.
  • Disk swap after the emulation has started.
  • MSX 2+ screen modes.
  • 256 files limit to roms and disks (each one).

Make sure you have the controllers and vmu connected when booting fMSX for DC.