Echo's Quest

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Echo's Quest
Echo's Quest
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Beta 1.0
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 05/21/2002
Author Trilinear
Type of game Platformer
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Echo's Quest Echo's Quest Echo's Quest

'Echo's platforming adventure last seen on the GBA and TG16 comes to the DC in full 2.5d glory.'


  • Start - to begin game and enter menu(without quitting)
  • Start+Y - quit
  • Stick - Tilt overworld view
  • RTrigger - zoom in
  • A - jump/select menu item(to quit)
  • B - exit menu(without quitting)
  • X - take screenshot(if using BBA or cable)
  • pad - move


  • Completed levels are blue, incomplete levels are red, levels not yet built are gray.


  • To complete a level, find the goal


  • Unlock/Relock Overworld - unlocking the overworld allows you to move past levels you have not completed
  • See your top score (L/R to select level)
  • Quit - quit game

Echo's Quest Echo's Quest