Dynamite Dreams

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Dynamite Dreams
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Latest Version Demo 3.0
Downloads via: Alice Dreams
Release Date 11/27/2008
Author Patbier / Poche
Type of game Multi-player Party
Active Unknown
Refresh Rate Unknown


Dynamite Dreams is a 4 player party game by the Alice Dreams developers Patbier and Poche.


From the developers: "For the Dream On Contest 3, we have developed a complete game starting from the mini game Dynamite Dreams. (Note: Dynamite Dreams was a bonus game in Alice Dreams v3)

At the present time, the game contains 8 different maps and a challenge mode. You certainly think that you have already seen too much bombermen, and that our DC already owns an excellent one, but we didn't stop there. Our game owns unique multiplayer modes. Especially one which needs a Vmu. No downloadable demo for the moment, but more details are coming in the following days!"



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