Doom for Dreamcast

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Doom for Dreamcast
Ultimate Doom Title Screen
Homepage N/A
Latest Version v1.5 Beta
Downloads 1.4 Stable
/1.5 Beta
Release Date 04/23/2011
Author Chilly Willy
Based on ADoomPPC an
ADoom port
Best Available Port
For this game?
Active Yes
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz


Doom for Dreamcast was created by developer, FPS porter, Chilly Willy (aka JLF65).


  • Mouse, keyboard, and joypad controls.
  • Force-feedback (Jump Pack).
  • Stats on the VMU LCD.
  • Load/save options and games from/to VMU.
  • Load up to four DEH, and patch WAD files per game. (No Boom support)
  • NTSC, PAL, and VGA support.
  • MIDI/MUS music, and stereo sound effects.
  • Latest Doom 1 shareware (1.9).


Network support allows you to play against up to three other players across the internet. On the Dreamcast, you need the BBA to use networking. The readme describes how to setup the network options. It can be a bit involved, so please read it carefully.

Other Ports

While now an older Doom source port in comparison to Doom for Dreamcast, nxDoom has some pre-configuration options some may find useful, and tracker support (IT, MOD, XM).