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10th Anniversary
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Release Date 10/22/2008
Author SoyWiz
Based on Divi-dead
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Warning! - Contains Mature Content [18+]


Via Wikipedia: Divi-dead is a Japanese-translated-to English 2D eroge released by C's Ware in 1998. The game's theme falls into the category of adult horror, as it deals with supernatural and sexual topics. Certain images from the game are brutally violent and strange, while others are lighthearted and erotic.

Custom Cover - Front Custom Cover - Back

Where to find?

This port requires you to have the data files from the original Japanese PC disc, or the later English PC Windows version.

You may have luck finding a copy at 'ErogeShop.com' for $9.99, when in stock. You might also have luck finding it at 'Ebay.com', or 'Amazon.com'.