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* [[Gamepad input]]
* [[Gamepad input]]
* [[Filesystem|How to read and write data on the VMU]]
* [[Filesystem|How to read and write data on the VMU]]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_XhD5Msurc Video: Hardware Architecture Breakdown]
=== Graphics ===
=== Graphics ===

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This section is currently undergoing a rewrite. Feel free to help writing tutorials. Old documentation is at the bottom


Please request tutorials in this forum thread

For chat support join the IRC channel






VMU and other accessories


Official Development Tools (unsupported and not legal to use without a license from Sega)

Old documents before rewrite of this page (probably outdated)


Free Development Tools

There are three free development libraries you can choose to start developing for the Dreamcast console.

Pre-compiled tools (outdated)

fackue has released a special pre-configured development ISO for Windows, known as the DC Dev ISO. However, this has not been updated in some time (since 2008), and is not recommended for current development.

In addition, he also released a pre-compiled version of the Code::Blocks IDE for Windows along with Dreamcast development tools. Like the DC Dev ISO above, this has not been updated since 2008 and should not be used for current development.

Documents and Tutorials



Additional Libraries



A list of quite all independet/homebrew Dreamcast developers can be found here.