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DC-LOAD is the server program meant to be run on the Sega Dreamcast. DC-Load is part of the set of DC-Tool / DC-Load combination. See the DC-Tool for more information on running this setup. To be used, you must have a way to connect your Dreamcast console to your computer, it can be one of the following:

A Coders Cable (a serial cable, the historical way to do that)
A Broadband Adapter, often shortened as “BBA” (a 10/100Mbits network Ethernet card).

This program, originally developed by ADK/Napalm and now full part of the KallistiOS library (used in the homebrew developments targeted to the Sega Dreamcast) is split in two packages:

DC-LOAD, the server part, started from the Dreamcast
DC-TOOL, the client part, started from the computer (can be GNU/Linux or Windows).

Depending on the method chosen (Coders Cable or BBA) you must use the right version of the program:

DC-LOAD or DC-LOAD-SERIAL for the Coders Cable version
DC-LOAD-IP for the BBA version


  • DC-LOAD-IP v1.0.3
  • DC-LOAD-IP v1.0.4