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== Daedalus ==

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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version R8
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 01/06/2008
Author Simpson474
Based on Daedalus
Systems Emulated Nintendo 64
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate 50Hz / 60Hz

Daedalus is a Nintendo 64 emulator by StrmnNrmn. The project was started in 1998 and the first release was in 2000. In early 2001 Daedalus got hosted by B00B! Dreamcast Research. StrmnNrmn got a lot of help from the community, especially CyRUS64, who wrote the whole .INI file and was also involved in the programming of Daedalus. StrmnNrmn also ported Daedalus to the Xbox but after his port got leaked he decided not to release it. When CyRUS64 disappeared in 2003 the official Daedalus site became inactive and StrmnNrmn stopped the development.

In early 2006 StrmnNrmn picked up Daedalus again and ported it to the Sony PSP. He is currently only working on the PSP version.

In late 2007 Simpson474 ported Daedalus to the Dreamcast and released it in January 2008. The Dreamcast version currently runs with about 10 fps in Super Mario 64. DaedalusDC is based on the PSP version of Daedalus.

The Dreamcast version can be downloaded from Rapidshare or Maturion.de.

Below is the video Simpson474 published on YouTube: