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DC Movie Player
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Homepage DC Movie Player
Latest Version Test 2
Downloads Offsite Link
Release Date 5/5/2003
Author Bero
Active No

DC Movie Player is a video player developed by Bero. It is based on ffmpeg, with mpeg audio decoding performed by mpglib with a custom dct64 function optimized for the Hitachi SH-4 cpu in the Dreamcast. It supports many container formats and audio/video codecs, but it unfortunately does not contain audio/video synchronization code and is light on features. Despite the lack a/v synch and the small number of features (only Play is supported), the sheer number of formats and codecs supported and the picture quality make this a rather impressive player. Sadly, development on this player appears to have stopped shortly after the release of the second test version in 2003.

(The remainder of the information on this page comes directly from Bero's DC Movie Player homepage)

You can discuss about DC Movie Player in the official release thread in our forums.


  • Supports many video/audio format
  • Autodetects DATA CD or VCD/SVCD
  • Supports long filename and includes Japanese KANJI
  • Play only now. no seek, forward, backword, pause, frame skip, audio/video sync etc.
  • NOTE: This is test release.


  • Boot CD
  • Press START while loading if your display is PAL
  • Change CD and push Y button
  • Select file or VCD track
  • Push A button
  • While playing movie, push A to play next file/track, START to back to file menu.

Supported Formats

  • format: mpg/avi/asf(wmv)/mov(QuickTime)/rm(RealAudio/Video)/wav/mp3/ogg/ogm
  • video : mpeg1/mpeg2/mpeg4(DIVX4/5,XviD)/msmpeg v1/v2/v3(DIVX3)
  • audio : mp1/mp2/mp3/oggvorbis/wma/pcm/various adpcm

For more information on supported codecs and container formats, see ffmpeg Supported File Formats and Codecs