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DCPlaya is without any doubt one the best multimedia players for Sega Dreamcast. DCPlaya is more than a simple music player. It is a full LUA development enviroment and nearly an operating system. Simple DCPlaya users do not need to understand everything on DCPlaya operating system.

This player is also featured on the Scenedicate diskmag.

Supported Formats:

  • FLV (YouTube videos)
  • MP3
  • Ogg-Vorbis
  • MOD
  • S3M
  • NSF
  • SID Music
  • SC68
  • Audio CD
  • ...and a lot more. Please help us completing this list.


Benjamin Gerard

  • ben AT sashipa.com

Vincent Penne (zigziggy)

  • ziggy AT sashipa.com

Reporting Bugs

Send an email to 'dcplaya_bugs AT sashipa.com'. Do not forget to add the version number. You can find it in the RELEASE.txt file in the dcplaya CD.


Official Website:

DCEmulation Forums:

LUA (the programming language of DCPlaya) at Wikipedia: