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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.13 beta
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 09/13/01
Author Strat76
Active No

DCMP3 was the first MP3-player for the Dreamcast and also one of the first applications for the Dreamcast by hobby programmers. It was developed by Strat76.


  • Wallpaper(JPEG viewing)
  • ID3V2 bug fixed
  • Playlist creation
  • Playlist/.m3u file support
  • File browser(subdirs)
  • Play/Stop/Next/Prev/Shuffle
  • New gfx by Aeg2K, bigger fonts
  • Noise/bitrate/samplerate bugs fixed
  • Disc swapping
  • Screen saver. Blank screen after 3 min so you dont have to burn your TVs
  • Pause
  • Control changes: Start: Read rootdir / Shuffle On/Off in playlist mode, Y: Pause/Stop, A: Continue/Play


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More Resources

Burning Info

( Check Readme File First!! )

  1. Burn all files in the zip to cdr root + your mp3 files in a "MP3" dir. JPEGs in a "JPG" dir.Make sure you have the "use folder names" option enabled when extracting the zip. The disc should have a WINCE dir, MP3 dir, JPG dir and dcmp3.exe, 1st_read.bin, cube, ip.bin in the root.
  2. File options: Mode1, ISO level2, joliet. (I use Nero)
  3. Boot with Utopia bootdisc, then swap to DCMP3 disc.
  4. Use the pad to select song/m3u and press A