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DCEmulation has two chat rooms available to users:

Dreamcast and Off-Topic Chat: irc.libera.chat ##dreamcast

Dreamcast-development Chat: irc.libera.chat #dreamcastdev

If you are new to IRC chat, please read below for more information.


The purpose of the following is to document ways to connect to the IRC channel--the chat room--using several popular clients. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC allows you to chat almost instantly with people all over the world. IRC uses networks, servers, and channels to get you to where you want to go. DCEmulation has two channels on the Libera.chat server. Upon joining a network, you can join a channel by typing the command "/join #channel", without quotes and replacing #channel with your desired channel.

Connecting to DCEmulation IRC

To connect to our channel under any IRC client, type the following: /server irc.libera.chat

Wait until messages stop scrolling by in your client, then type /join ##dreamcast It's that simple. After joining the channel, feel free to ask us for help in using IRC.

To keep other people from registering your desired nickname, type the following: /msg nickserv register password email replacing password with your desired password and email with an email address where you can be contacted.

When you connect, you will need to enter /msg nickserv identify password This proves that you are the owner of the nickname, and this is how you gain ops or voice in channels automatically.

If someone else is using your desired nickname, or if you got disconnected and your nickname is still in the channel, you can type /msg nickserv ghost nickname password and that name will be disconnected.

To find an IRC client for your platform, you can check this wikipedia article

Dreamcast PlanetWeb

Do you use your Dreamcast for internet access? If so, the PlanetWeb browser has an IRC client built-in! All you have to do is type pwchat://irc.libera.chat:6667/##dreamcast into the address bar.

Other Guides and Closing Thoughts

If we don't have what you are looking for in this document, don't worry! IRCHelp.org has tons of guides that can help you which are probably much more complete than this one. This guide is in no way complete, nor will it ever be. We hope that you have found this guide useful!