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DCEmulation, founded on September 25, 2000, is the #1 website on the internet for resources on Dreamcast emulation and homebrew software. Most of the Dreamcast homebrew developers are or were active in our forums.

In the beginning, DCEmulation (shortened to "DCEmu") exploded as the gaming community seeked information about the Sega Dreamcast. The site has changed very much over the years since its creation, but it has remained strong in its community. We have even been featured in the press several times over the years, and have done interviews with several of the most notable homebrew software authors in the Dreamcast's early history.

Our users have pushed the bounds of the Dreamcast. Beginning with simple NES emulation, the developers of the Dreamcast community have created emulators for dozens of platforms. Over one hundred independent, free games have been created for the Dreamcast, and some of these have gone on to be professionally published.

DCEmulation was founded to be the premier source for information on emulators, but over time the site has expanded as other types of projects became widespread. We are hosting a lot of different sites and Dreamcast projects.

The site is currently owned by 007Cheater. The current lead developer and maintainer of the site is |darc|. The site was designed by souLLy. The site's logo was designed by melancholy.


You may get in contact with this site by emailing |darc|.

Legal stuff

This page was created to be helpful to the Dreamcast community. In no way does this site support piracy. Depending on how you use them, certain tools on this site may be illegal in your country. Please check laws before using anything on this site. We are not responsible for your lack of responsibility.