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-007Cheater AKA Sean Bryant
-007Cheater AKA Sean Bryant

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Here is an interview that the owner of DCEmulation, 007Cheater, did with Computer and Video Games.

But for reasons I hope you can help explain, home coders are supporting the DC like no console before. Why is this?

The reason for this is the fact that the system is VERY easy to build on it. The development is out there as well as the power. Before, systems just were not powerful enough and the fact is, no one could put games on cartridges or even burn games without a mod chip. The system is also very easy to program for as you can also make your own type of OS for it which Dan Potter has done with lib dream. The original OS's that were support on the system were WinCE and SH4.

Why are there so many emulation projects ongoing?

The amount of emulation projects that has been going has nothing to do with the death or the life of the Dreamcast. You have a PC right? Anyone can make things for that PC. There are many sites who will post your stuff on there site if you make things for PC so many people do it. Well, with DC the same thing is happening. Because people can make things and get it used by thousands of people, they continue to create things knowing there is a place to go and people REALLY do care about this stuff. Heck, can you imagine programming your own Dreamcast program which lets you play a list of sounds you created. It would be pretty cool even though its not much. Also, because many of this burning stuff is very complicated. DCEMU has made it its job, to bring console development a REALALITY for EVERYONE newbies included.

What is the attraction of the DC?

The DC is a VERY powerful system. I would say the main attraction is the price and the cheapness. A lot of people bought dreamcasts' because they knew they could get games for free. But, for people who are legit, they need better reasons. Therefore, free developed emulators and such give them the ability to laugh at the likes of PS2 for it being practically impossible to easily make such ports to it.

How widespread is the usage of the underground tools and utilities that have been produced? Dies anybody get any hassle from Sega? Does Sega support you in any way? What would you like Sega to do? How might Sega turn this underground support to its advantage?

The widespread is large. I knew from the day I created DCEMU that the site would be big. The emulation scene had been getting dull lately so making DCEMU brought life again to many people getting bored of PC Emu's. Playing an emu on a console and playing it on your computer are completely different experiences. When you play games on your console you get the feel of like owning the game, wanting to play the game, its like good old times. Playing it on PC is nothing like that. You get bored very fast. To tell you the truth. Sega has never spoken to me once. But, I pretty much know SEGA knows of DCEMU just seams to want to stay away. Who knows why. But, SEGA is in fact involved. John Byrd from Sega Of America is Directly involved in the NetBSD port for Dreamcast that is about all I know of Sega's Involvement. I would really like SEGA to confront me on there stance of DCEMU, I know SEGA has plants to make things download able and such, and DCEMU has already created a community that knows how to download and burn things. Sega could totally use this to there advantage. Releasing patches for games perhaps for download or add on's for our current games, SEGA could save the Dreamcast still if they turn towards the DEV community which is currently surrounding them. Sega has not attacked me for putting there web browser on the page and such things, because they are free from Sega. But, I am breaking that boundary and making it free for download.

What do you make of Sega basically gifting the DC scene a perfect Genesis emulator through the Smash Pack? Was that deliberate?

Sega knew we were ripping its games and such to learn the way much of this works. Sega KNEW how smart we are and I am pretty sure Sega KNEW we would find out there smash pack was actually an emulator in disguise. I am confused however why they did not include like maybe a custom loader that would of came with it to load your custom games. They could of setup maybe a web site where people could download additional games and put them on CD to work with the emulator but its seams Sega is staying away from anything where they would have to help people burn the things.

How do you differentiate between 'harmful' underground operations like the cracking scene and 'harmless' enterprises like Spectrum emulators?

Its rather hard for many people to tell the difference, many things on DCEMU's site is borderline close to being illegal, but on the other hand its not nearly as bad as downloading illegal games. One thing to think about which I have said many times, "Can You Buy A Genesis Emulator In The Store?" The answer is no. That is how I see the difference between what is legal and what is illegal. There are other issues involved but those are my main concerns. Other people may have different standpoints however.

How long have you been involved in the scene? How has it changed?

I have been involved in the scene since it started, I believe the MP3 player and Movie player first came out during the summer along with Boob!Boy and Gleam and a few others. Although those were only 4 items at the time I had a feeling more would pop up. I also knew that these things were very complicated to use and there were no good sites telling you about these things. Thus, I created DCEMU and made it a place for newbies and advanced all a like to come and have just as much fun as us advanced users. The scene has changed mostly by quantity and understanding. Many people come to the site trying to find warez and such, then they realize how much cooler some of this stuff is. I am trying to get them to stop pirating at the same time but not allowing anything totally illegal to happen while on the site. I think this effects the community and NEWBIES who should no longer care about copying Dreamcast games and get there mind on other things which would not hurt Sega. I have created an environment where Dreamcast Pirating is NOT wanted and if you speak of it you DIE, or I just ban you from the site.

What projects are you most impressed with? How long will the DC scene survive?

I'm currently really impressed how many of these emu's never show there faces and suddenly one day they just start sending me emails, posting on our forums, and chat room that they have made an emulator for us. I also think the Bleem!Cast project looks amazing. They have officially asked me to be a tester so I can't wait to get my hands on it. It will revolutionize people and Dreamcast games will be jumping off shelves. I think I am going to buy another Dreamcast just incase mine decides to die or something. As for the future of Dreamcast DEV Scene. It will be around for many years to come. I mean look at Amiga, there are many people still involved in that scene and its been dead for quite a long time. Its time for people to understand that when you give us the ability to make things for systems, we can make wonderful things. I noticed Microsoft sure notices the DC Dev scene and I am sure it has some plans of its own so DCEMU is just a start of a new revolution of the way we play games.

Thanks for having me, maybe I can get a scanned copy of the pages which includes this interview and what not or maybe a copy of the magazine. Considering I live in the US. I hope my responses are not to long and maybe you can fix the many spelling and grammatical errors before putting it in your magazine or what not :)


-007Cheater AKA Sean Bryant http://www.dcemulation.org