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Ultimate Doom Title Screen
Latest Version Beta Unknown
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 10/31/02
Author Bero
Based on Doom Source
Using SDL for DC
Best Available Port
For this game?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


DCDoom, using the SDL for Dreamcast, was Bero's first of two DOOM engines he ported to the Dreamcast, and the third port of DOOM to the Dreamcast. It was notable for having limited MIDI support, and relatively bug-free saving.

When it was abandoned in a mostly complete beta stage, the iWAD/pWAD selection menu had never been completed, meaning that it normally doesn't support more than one game WAD per disc (doom2.wad, doomu.wad, etc.) or mods.

It was eventually surpassed by nxDoom.

BeroDoom-01.jpg BeroDoom-02.jpg

Bero's older DOOM page can be found here: DCDEV

For putting multiple Doom wads on one disc, a collection of Selfboot Inducer files can be found below.



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