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Latest Version Beta 4
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Release Date 11/01/01
Author BigBoy
Based on N/A
Systems Emulated Commodore 64
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Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

Developer: BigBoy
Version: Beta 4
Last Updated: 11-01-01
Description: Finally, a commodore 64 emulator for dreamcast, this version is just a test demo, showing you of what it can do so far.

Latest Status:

Still Sanxion, running nice and smooth now. Only a few games do just now, speed changes depending on the game. Uridium and Sanxion both seem to be at full "smooth" speed. However there is still no input, and this WILL slow it down again...*sigh* I will try and add basic input soon. There is no Sprite-2-???? collision. This would slow things down a LOT!


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