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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 0.1.6
Downloads Plain Files
Source Code
Release Date 12/31/07
Author Lawrence Sebald
Based on CrabEmu
by Lawrence Sebald
Systems Emulated Sega Master System

Game Gear

Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active Yes
Refresh Rate Unknown

CrabEmu is a port of the emulator of the same name originally for Mac OS X. It currently emulates Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000. Other consoles are planned for future versions.

Known bugs

  • Some games may drop below 60FPS.


Rom Selection Screen

  • Press A to start a game.


  • A - Button 1
  • B - Button 2
  • START - Game Gear Start Button
  • Directional Pad - Directional Pad