Cool Herders

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Cool Herders
Cool Herders
Release Date 12/15/05
Author HarmlessLion
Type of game Multiplayer party
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz


Cool Herders Promo Poster

One of the few independent Dreamcast games that were released commercialy, this title is available through The GOAT Store.

Cool Herders was originally conceived as a quick demo game from Moving Target Software Design (now defunct), for inclusion on a demo CD being produced by Cryptic Allusion for distribution at E3 in 2002.

The demo was conceived and by Binky, who did all artwork, and developed by Tursi in only three weeks. The CD itself, DC Tonic, included demos from a number of groups and was generally considered a success.

Cool Herders itself is a party game written for KOS, in which four herders armed with lightning-powered crooks attempt to round up the most rampant sheep, stealing them from others if necessary. The DC Tonic version of the game did not support powerups, although the final release of the demo did include speed and lightning power ups.

The play mechanics are simple: d-pad or analog stick to move your herder, and A,B,X or Y to fire lightning. Lightning stuns sheep, destroys environment (to reveal powerups), and zaps other herders, causing them to lose sheep.

Trivia: the sheep sounds in the game are loving recordings of Flossie, the prettiest sheep in the world!

The Demos

Demo 1

This game was originally created for the Dreamcast specifically for inclusion as a demo on the DC Tonic E3 Demo CD. The project was abandoned in 2003, but picked up again in late 2004 and now it has been completed for commercial release through GOAT Store Publishing.

Screen 1 Screen 2

Demo 2

The second demo was released on March, 31th in 2006:

This download is a new demo based on the released code, and is no longer related to the old version from DC Tonic.

Notes - This is a very simplified demo - it includes only the New Zealand multiplayer stages (3 in total) and 3 selectable players.

Screen 1 Screen 2