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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Unknown
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 02/20/2002
Author Toastman
Type of game Tetris Clone
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Via Toastman's Archived Site:

'Clonetris is a Tetris-like game for the Sega Dreamcast system. It was created as a stop-gap project while I learned some of the workings of the Dreamcast and began to grow larger than I wanted it to. All work on Clonetris has ceased. I don't even have a working copy of the source anymore. This game has been rated 'A' - Suitable for All by the DIRB: Dreamcast Independant Rating Board (archived link).'

Menu Screen


  • In order to have background music in this release. Put a MP3 in the

'music' folder at the cd root, and rename it to nevski3.mp3.


  • The included MP3 may have problems, but if you want to use it, try encoding it differently.

(You can pre-test in an emulator)


  • Unknown Version - Plain Files - 02/20/2002
  • Unknown Version - SBI - 02/20/2002
  • Unknown Version - Nero - 02/20/2002