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Chui is a Spanish Dreamcast developer. He did a lot of projects and he is very well known for maintaining the Dreamcast port of SDL and OpenGL. He is working on a remake of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Dreamcast and he is also porting the well known game development library Allegro to the Dreamcast.

  • NEO4ALL - Alternative open source NEOGEO/CD emulator.
  • AES4ALL - NEO4ALL fork for emulating home and arcade NEOGEO systems.
  • DCASTAWAY - The first Atari ST emulator.
  • UAE4ALL - Open source Amiga500 emulator.
  • SNES4ALL - Alternative Snes9x port (Super Nintendo emulator).
  • ZX4ALL - Open source ZX-Spectrum emulator.
  • MAME4ALL - MAME GP2X adaptation for Dreamcast.
  • PSX4ALL - Open source Playstation emulator.
  • NOIZ2SA - Abstract shoot'em up.
  • FENIX - The way to game development.
  • SDL+OpenGL : Dreamcast SDL and OpenGL.