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Latest Version 1.5
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 22/12/00
Author CyRUS64
Based on Boob!boy
Systems Emulated GameBoy
GameBoy Color
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate 60Hz


Boob!boy is the first Gameboy emulator for the Dreamcast by CyRUS64. Its name is inspired by the Dreamcast website B00B! Dreamcast Research, since the author, CyRUS64, was the founder of B00B!. Unlike most other emulators, Boob!boy was written from scratch and is not a normal port. There also exists a PC version of Boob!boy which supports sound. Since sound caused Boob!boy to crash on the Dreamcast, it has been disabled in the Dreamcast version.


Version 1.5 (22/12/00)

  • Frameskip implemented - Boob!boy should now be faster with only a small amount of frameskipping noticeable. For example, Super Mario Land without doubt now runs at FULL SPEED.
  • Super Gameboy Support added
  • Fixed a memory problem that meant memory wasn't being freed up after the game was exited and hence when you had played 4/5 games the dc would run out of memory and crash. You should now be able to play as many different games as you want without having to reset the dc!
  • Swapped around A and B keys to make it more like a real gameboy!
  • New menus - a license screen is now displayed explaining that Boob!boy is not licensed or endorsed by Sega. Also a menu screen has been implemented which currently only features a play game option... (pretty pointless at the moment then!)
  • Made game-select screen more user-friendly by speeding up page-select and game-select movements
  • Fixed bug causing a delay before loading the game to be played
  • Implemented load from file functions saving much-needed memory... This also has resulted in a speed-up in the emulation since Video Ram can now be used for more important tasks!
  • Found and "zapped" other little bugs in the code, which although didn't cause any problems in current versions would have done so in the future.