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Gran Turismo 2 on a real PSX
Gran Turismo 2 in Bleem!cast

Bleem!cast is a PlayStation 1 emulator for Dreamcast. Bleemcast improves the quality of the orginial PSX games since they run in 640x480 in Bleem!cast. (320x240 on real PSX). Bleem!cast was purely written in SH4 assembler.

There were three official releases, each of them emulates the PlayStation 1 games they were made for: Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3 and Metal Gear Solid.


  • Smooth, 640x480 3D graphics from original PlayStation-1 games (even the PS2 can't do that!)
  • Clean, filtered textures (you can actually READ every sign you pass at 180mph)
  • Full-screen anti-aliasing for added realism (no more "jaggies"!).
  • Save & load games to regular Dreamcast VMUs (requires dedicated VMU)
  • PAL Extended - no borders on PAL TVs!
  • Compatible with VGA boxes
  • Jump-Pack vibration support

Bleem!cast Beta

As you might know, there's a leaked beta version of Bleem that's available on various places on the Internet. This beta is capable of playing most PS1 games although not on the same level as the commercial releases do. Many games do run but not all of them are really playable.

The big problem is that you can't save with the beta and FMVs aren't supported, so no crappy pre-rendered FMVs for your Square games, no saving for your adventures.

So, what's left are shooters, beat'em ups and puzzle games.

Here is a statement by the authors about the Beta.