Amanda The Witch's Apprentice

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Amanda The Witch's Apprentice
Amanda the Witch
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Beta 1
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 06/08/2002
Author Trilinear
Type of game Unknown
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Amanda is an apprentice to a powerful witch named Gertrude. One day Gertrude left to gather some rare bat's wings and put Amanda in charge of the cottage. After a while Amanda noticed that Zero, the witch's black cat, had slipped out an open door. Amanda realized how angry her master would be if she lost her favorite cat, Amanda quickly grabbed her master's backup broom and followed the cat's tracks to a large cave...

Gameplay based on the "infamous worm game" at ''.


  • Start - to restart level
  • Start+Y - quit
  • Stick - rotate view
  • RTrigger - zoom in
  • A - go up
  • X - take screenshot(if using BBA or cable)