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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version RC3
Downloads Plain Files
Source code
Release Date 04/04/2007
Author Chui
Based on ?
Systems Emulated NeoGeo/CD/AES
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active Unknown
Refresh Rate 50Hz / 60Hz


NEO4ALL is a NeoGeo/CD emulator by Chui. It is very fast and some of the best NeoGeo games are fully playable on NEO4ALL, like King of Fighters '99 and Metal Slug 2. Sound emulation works. AES4ALL, a NEO4ALL fork, is a NeoGeoAES emulator.

A compatibility list can be found here.


  • Close to fullspeed emulation (frameskip0 with sound-fx).
  • Fast FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k.
  • Fast FAZE Zilog Z80 core by Fox68k.
  • Custom PowerVR2 graphic core (fast tile caching).
  • Autoframeskip for good speed.
  • Joystick is emulated with analog and digital pad + A,B,X,Y and Start/R-Trigger.
  • Complete menu with L-Trigger: region selector, frameskip control, graphic filtering, hardware reset...
  • Crystalline sound without lag.
  • Both control players emulated.
  • A lot of games work.