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name=1ST_READ.BIN Checker|
image=[[Image:Checker 201b.png|center|250px]]|
homepage=[http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/ Homepage]|
downloads=[http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checker_203a.zip Binary]<br />[http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checker_203a_src.zip Source]|
release date=8/15/2007|
The '''1ST_READ.BIN Checker''' is a tool that checks a Dreamcast binary file and reports if it's an unscrambled BIN, scrambled BIN, ELF, or SREC binary. It also serves as a front-end to convert files from ELF formats to binary formats. It uses ''scramble'' by [[Marcus Comstedt]] to scramble or descramble binaries and ''sh-elf-objcopy'' to convert ELFs into binaries.
There also is a command line version available that is written in C. There are binaries for the current version, 0.1, for [http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checkerc-01-win32.zip Windows] and [http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checkerc-01-linux.gz Linux]. The [http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checkerc-01-src.zip source code] is also available. Mac users can compile 0.1 themselves or use the [http://dchelp.dcemulation.org/?download=checker_vb2c_osx.zip] original vb2c release binary.

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